Art Critic SPIRIT Across her Mandalic works, Carla Sello represents the process through which the Cosmos was formed from its umbilical center. Through a complex and diversified symbolism, it represents a sort of initiatory journey which elicits an inner development. It synthesizes the union and harmony of the Self with […]

Giampaolo Trotta

Art Critic UNIVERSAL ARCHETYPE This is not an exhibition to watch, it is an exhibition to see. There is a substantial difference between the two terms, since what the eye catches is transmitted directly to the brain and then to the heart. For those who, like me a few years […]

Toti Carpentieri

Art Critic and Art Historian MIMETIC TRASMUTATION Preparing to return to the continent of spirituality, Carla Sello presents in India an exhibition entitled ‘Mimetic Transmutation’ – a series of works made with plastic according to a totally personal technique. Once again, her work recalls previous experiences: in fact, plastic is […]

Andrea Baffoni

Art Critic MANDALA ART Carla Sello’s works communicates so many feelings and considerations, that the observer is left to experience a state of bewilderment. Yet, after a brief moment, one immediately experiences a certainty: the realm of the infinitely small ecompasses greatness, and greatness itself encompasses space and the smallest, […]

Vladimir Cicognani

Art Critic EVANESCENCE By applying the brightness of the color scheme resulting from the skillful use of various light projections on objects, geometric shapes arranged in plastic relief and inlaid into the wood against backgrounds of mysterious evanescence, the artist is able to create fascinating light effects. A versatile artist,she […]

Giulio Buonanno

Art Critic VORTEX A key to understanding, approaching the boundaries of the visible, defines all the dynamics of her research, through works of visual impact. Her art is configured as a visual stimulus, eliciting a participatory expression of the viewer of such an intuitive strength and beauty, drenched in metaphorical […]

Mariarosa Belgiovine

Art Critic EMOTIONAL DRIVE The structure of paintings and sculptures created by artist Carla Sello, based on appropriate “guidelines” relating to the strength and dynamism of life, fosters the involvement of the senses and a soft perception of loneliness. Thus, through the cognitive reorganization and the absolute concepts that lead […]

 Flavio De Gregorio

Critic and Art Historian INTERVIEW Meeting a mandala artist like Carla Sello is a vibrant experience, as she herself and her works are. Her mandalas don’t need many words. They are extraordinary. They are the expression of one who has experienced a great deal and is able to express what […]

Annalisa Ippolito

Art Critic MAGIC “Magic” is a work of infinite beauty. In this representation on wood, the artist Carla Sello, succeeds in the difficult task of communicating the representative harmony. Two hands facing upward, to search for the infinite. Of great cultural thickness. Of deep investigation. Work of critical interest.

Salvatore Russo

Art Critic VORTEX A vortex in space. The concept is a vast swirl of lights, colors, rivers that roam the Abysses of the universe. Carla Sello interprets space on a rigidly black backcloth – it is the colorless void. With a perspective of reaching the stars at the speed of […]

Giorgio Falossi