Giorgio Falossi

Art Critic


A vortex in space. The concept is a vast swirl of lights, colors, rivers that roam the

Abysses of the universe.

Carla Sello interprets space on a rigidly black backcloth – it is the colorless void.

With a perspective of reaching the stars at the speed of light, art gives life to forms,

sounds and suggestions of bodies that wander in space, and once again the geometric

figure is that of the spiral, an arcane poetry of the form pulsating with mysterious and

disturbing lights, which the artist holds back in a series of materic circles.

The relief gives the whole painting a different dimension, so that it can be understood in its structural and

dimensional values: the relief has a musical component in it, that the stars, the comets and the large celestial bodies

make one feel in the great silence of infinity.

A sound that only acute ears may detect. Carla Sello bases her theme on the Spatialism – the unknown factor of the

“movement of the stars” remains a field full of doubts in which art brings its visions and fantasies.

Carla Sello’s painting is a suggestion on how to face the wider entanglement of the various celestial complexities,

that may also reflect on the earthly ones.