Vladimir Cicognani

Art Critic


Carla Sello’s works communicates so many feelings and considerations, that the observer is left to experience a state of bewilderment.

Yet, after a brief moment, one immediately experiences a certainty: the realm of the infinitely small ecompasses greatness, and greatness itself encompasses space and the smallest, most elementary forms of reality.

Ms. Sello expresses the art of “Mandala” with remarkable graphic skill and with such mastery, that she appears to be the new demiurge, showing us not only what exsist in nature, but also what can relentlessly create new worlds and realities. When looking at her paintings, one can see the energy flowing in and out of them.

Similarly to the way we feel part of Planet Earth, the Earth herself is pervaded by the Sun and shares its

powerful vitality.

It is our mind, as well as our eyes, that can perceive infinite worlds and infinite space in the Universe.

In the end, infinite worlds as seen through the eyes of scientists turn out to be similar to inner worlds as seen by limitless and boundless imagination.