Giulio Buonanno

Art Critic


By applying the brightness of the color scheme resulting from the skillful use of various light projections on objects, geometric shapes arranged in plastic relief and inlaid into the wood against backgrounds of mysterious evanescence, the artist is able to create fascinating light effects. A versatile artist,she is always ready to get into the surreal and metaphysical world, attracted to that light which represents the source of life.

She possesses an intrinsic ability to operate across a wide range of artistic expressions, and when she decides to apply them, suddenly her palette begins to vibrate, especially when her “quiet” colors are used  to interpret that light, source of inexhaustible inspiration. The spontaneous art of Carla Sello, widely acclaimed by critics and public, can be placed in the path traced by the latest generation of educated artists, who have chosen an equidistant position amidstthe vast confusion of our time.