Flavio De Gregorio

Art Critic


The structure of paintings and sculptures created by artist Carla Sello, based on appropriate “guidelines” relating to the strength and dynamism of life, fosters the involvement of the senses and a soft perception of loneliness. Thus, through the cognitive reorganization and the absolute concepts that lead to the creation

of symbols evoking scenes of life and inner influences, the artist’s works implement an innovative cultural background pertaining to a gifted creative and allusive mind.

The iconography promoted by the artist tends to modify, by virtue of its objective presence, some schematic definitions of pictorial nature, in order to better capture the emotional instinct that creates a natural circular environment. The artist’s free and constructive visions, her executive performance and formal reorganization, are all described and better defined as unique, perpetual reactions to facts of high moral and cultural value.



“Circular structures whose light diffuses an universal message proposed by artist Carla Sello with sharp determination, aimed at deepening the poetic intersection availing of symbolic values which ​​arise from her personal experience, translated into concrete stylistic form and evolving in spaces and dimensions that go beyond formal cataloging.I’d say this vision determines a unique mode of elaborating executive choices based on the artist’s personal experience, her exploratory trips, the goals achieved. The perceptive key points are thus simplified and the polyhedral subjects are harmonically positioned in accordance with a peculiar time dimension. The images stand out towards the poles creating a layered chromatic modulation as to form a visual impact similar to a spherical labyrinth with perfectly aligned intersecting points, which constitute the main dynamics for a summary evocation of space, a characteristic always sought after by capable artist Carla Sello.